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The topics below provide basic instructions for uploading files and viewing statistics for your website.

For any other issues, including the following, please contact TekLinks Customer Support at 877.301.3125:

  • Site not loading properly
  • How to enable one website to work for multiple domains
  • General questions regarding PHP or ASP.net support.  Although TekLinks does not support PHP or ASP.net code, our engineers may be able to help.


Uploading Files

Use this information to upload files to our shared web hosting environment using FTP (File Transfer Protocol):

  • FTP Server Name:  ftp.bham.net
  • FTP User Name: Provided by TekLinks
  • FTP Password: Provided by TekLinks


TekLinks does not support or recommend specific third-party FTP utilities, but most standards-compliant FTP clients should function normally within our shared hosting environment.


Viewing Statistics

For third party statistics, please contact your third party provider (i.e. Google Analytics).

For basic AWStats information, visit http://yourdomainname.com/stats/.