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Cybersecurity Testing & Consulting

In today’s ever-changing threat landscape, we understand that it’s difficult to stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve. Whether you have a robust information security program or you’re just getting started, our team of experts can partner with your organization to help identify, quantify and eliminate business risk.

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Compliance and Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is a critical component of an effective information security strategy or program. Without a clear understanding of the potential risks that certain threats pose to the organization, management is unable to make difficult decisions around prioritizing funds for protecting information systems and other critical technology assets. Our certified information security professionals can partner with your organization to perform a wide range of of industry-accepted risk assessments.

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Incidence Response

When a security incident or breach occurs, an incorrect response can have a devastating financial or reputational impact on the business. Leverage the technical expertise of TekLinks’ Certified Incident Response Handlers to quickly assess the situation, isolate compromised systems, and remediate the situation. After the incident has been fully addressed, our team can also provide long-term recommendations and solutions to protect against future attacks.

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Penetration Testing

Let us uncover your organization’s vulnerabilities before someone else does. Penetration tests are conducted using the same advanced tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) employed by today’s modern hackers. Our certified, ethical hackers will assume the role of a reasonably sophisticated and motivated attacker in an attempt to manually penetrate your defenses — gaining access to your company’s most valuable assets. In addition to a full report with recommendations, an illustrated, step-by-step attack narrative will provide proof and allow for validation of all actions performed during the engagement.

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Program Maturity Review

Maturity assessments are designed to tell an organization where it stands in a defined area and, correspondingly, what it needs to do in the future to improve its systems and processes to meet the organization’s needs and expectations. Maturity assessments expose the strengths and weaknesses within an organization (or a program), and provide a roadmap for ongoing improvements.

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Security Awareness Training

Our certified information security professionals can ensure that employees are equipped with the right knowledge about modern social engineering attacks and are properly trained to identify malicious activities. By providing regular and relevant security awareness training, employees can become an effective component of the organization’s risk mitigation strategy. Training is offered in a number of convenient settings, including: classroom style, lunch & learn, and live webinars.

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Security Assessments

Security assessments can be performed against specific areas of the business to provide assurances that critical systems are configured to minimize exposure and risk. Available assessment types include: cybersecurity posture assessment, password cracking services, wireless security assessment, firewall configuration review, vulnerability scanning, baseline system hardening assessment, Active Directory security assessment, and external footprint analysis. Custom assessments available upon request.

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Social Engineering

Social engineering is the most commonly used method by which malicious actors gain unauthorized access to a network. Not only has the number of social engineering attacks increased every year, but the techniques have become increasingly more sophisticated and complex. TekLinks offers a wide range of highly customizable social engineering engagements that will allow you to test your organization’s susceptibility to modern tactics.

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