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Cloud Solutions

As a trusted technology expert, we know the IT challenges you’re facing: outgrowing your current infrastructure, limited resources to manage your data and applications, or lack of scalability as your business changes and grows. Your situation is unique and requires an expert to custom tailor a cloud-based solution to your business needs. TekLinks’ team will guide you through every step of your journey to the cloud.

Benefits of moving to the cloud:

  • Reliability: 99.99% uptime
  • Security: Best-in-class security standards that can assist with compliance
  • Availability: 24/7 connectivity from any device, anywhere
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Deliver the right amount of IT resources where and when you need it most
  • Cost Effective: No need to invest capital resources on expensive hardware or software
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Private Cloud

Many organizations want control over their data while also utilizing the cloud but don’t want to spend the capital on hardware or in-house engineers for maintenance. TekLinks’ Private Cloud offers a highly available service that is delivered through dedicated compute, storage, and networking provided and managed by expert engineers. Private cloud can be hosted in a TekLinks data center, a business’ site or data center, or in a third-party data center. What’s the bottom line? Companies can focus on their core business while TekLinks’ experts take care of all aspect of managing their network infrastructure.

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Hybrid Cloud

Get the best of both public and private cloud with TekLinks’ customizable Hybrid Cloud. Maybe your organization wants to keep its critical data and applications close to home in a dedicated environment, but you also want the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of a shared environment for your less critical data. Hybrid cloud is the perfect combo of a dedicated, near-premise environment and an off-premise shared environment. TekLinks has the expertise and skill-set to formulate a plan that best meets your specific company goals.

The evolution of technology is bringing smarter, more efficient and effective IT solutions to businesses. Learn how.

Don’t risk data security or downtime with aging technology. Find out how moving your core applications to the cloud can improve your business.

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