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Public Sector Solutions

Organizations in the public sector face many challenges. IT shouldn't be one of them.

Through the power of the most current technologies, TekLinks will help you achieve your goals of connecting cities, transforming schools, improving public service and much more. With more than 200 clients in education, health care, government and defense, our team of experts is leading the way in developing innovative solutions to meet the unique challenges facing public sector organizations.

How TekLinks can help your organization:

  • Reduce costs and simplify your network infrastructure
  • Meet audit and compliance requirements
  • Provide quick, reliable, and efficient connectivity
  • Streamline and overhaul voice, email and collaboration technology
  • Instantly gain a staff of experienced engineers
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Vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection, internet content filtering, anti-virus and anti-spam management, patching, log management, device encryptions, etc.

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When your internet is slow, or causing downtime and outages, you don’t have to pull your hair out – just call TekLinks. We offer private network services and delivery of reliable high-bandwidth internet access while also monitoring and managing outages. We work with third-party vendors like Comcast to provide a private data circuit to ensure a low-latency, highly reliable connection. TekLinks will also manage the circuit and will provide a web-based portal that gives visibility of up/down status at a minimum.

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Need help knowing what your business really needs? Offload the labor and difficulties of procuring, managing, monitoring, and supporting your network infrastructure to TekLinks’ team of trusted and reliable experts. We offer a variety of managed switch, router, and wireless access point options to meet the needs of any size network.

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Instantly communicate with anyone, anytime, and from any device using voice, email, video, real-time messaging, and file sharing.

See how Huntsville City Schools adopted new technology allowing students to take advantage of the latest digital curriculum.

Learn how we worked with Florence, AL to optimize their network and ensure data recovery in the event of disaster.

Discover how we helped Birmingham City Schools modernize their communication network.