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Knowing that your support engineer is right down the hall from you is a great security blanket approach to IT for many businesses. But business owners and their office managers are beginning to wonder, “Do we really need a full-time employee to support our IT?” Once you ask that questions, you begin to realize that you can enlist the help of an entire team of engineers, with a broad range of skills and years of expertise, at the same price as maintaining an IT staff in-house.

With Help Desk and Support from TekLinks, you get unlimited remote help desk support and monitoring for your environment. When you have an issue, you simply contact the TekLinks Support Team, and they have several methods to assist you. They can remote access your machine or utilize several support tools at their disposal. And if we need to send someone on premises to assist you, TekLinks has a wealth of technical resources that we can dispatch to your site. With Help Desk and Support, you get the collective knowledge of a team of industry experts ready to resolve your problems for a fixed (or near-fixed) price.

And while we won’t be right down the hall, we’re just a phone call away – and we’re ready with the right tools to assist you the minute you experience a problem.

Looking for ramped-up security solutions on-premises or in the cloud?

You need TekCare Secure with Alert Logic.

Speeds + Feeds

Limitations in time, resources, and personnel often necessitate a supplemental IT staff to ensure that your business is operating securely and efficiently. Help Desk and Support is a customizable suite of add-on options and support services that are offered to remove more of the day-to-day operational challenges that face many customers of our clients are faced with each day.

Help Desk and Support includes options such as: monitoring devices, servers, and services; managing devices, servers, and services; or a combination of both monitoring and management. While this can be made available to you as a stand-alone service, it is often best practice to employ Help Desk and Support in concert with other managed & cloud services to ensure that they are operating at maximum efficiency.


With a Monitored service option, TekLinks utilizes industry-leading AccelOps to monitor a device, server, or service based on the alert thresholds you prescribe. Help Desk and Support monitors multiple facets of your infrastructure, such as connectivity, CPU utilization, RAM utilization, and storage capacity.

Network Device Management

Utilizing Labtech‘s premier RMM platform, our Device Management includes monitoring and maintaining event logs, up-to-date antivirus services, and infrastructure-level system configuration backups for the purpose of service availability and disaster recovery of the infrastructure only. The following list outlines the devices for which management is available:

  • Managed Firewall
  • Managed Router
  • Managed Switch
  • Managed VPN
  • Managed Communication Circuits

Server Management

We will configure a physical server, physical blade server, or virtual server environment based on your resource specifications: processor speed, memory, and disk storage requirements. In addition to managing and maintaining the base infrastructure, we also install, configure, manage and maintain the OS, administrative tools, and antivirus software – which includes applying all critical patches and firmware updates. Server management covers anti-virus software licensing only.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about tape device management and application management.