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How many times have you forgotten to replace the backup tape in your tape drive? Or switched it out and left the tape at the office? These are examples of all-too-common situations that result in a backup solution that’s less than effective, not to mention secure. TekLinks HSG’s virtualized backup service ensures your data will be protected every day without anyone in your office needing to be involved. Your data will be backed up to an offsite backup facility, guaranteeing that your data is safe, secure, and available for restoration if needed.

Here at TekLinks HSG, we no longer view data protection and backup as an IT expense – rather, it’s become your business continuity insurance. The day after you have a critical data loss is one day too late to discover your backup solution is inadequate. Our remote backup solution securely encrypts your data and backs it up automatically to our secure data centers, which provide the needed redundancy to safeguard the lifeblood of your practice. And when necessary, restoring files can be done quickly and securely by our expert engineering team.

Are you willing to risk everything – your job, your practice, and your patients’ trust – on your current backup system? If not, let HSG provide offsite backup to your practice and start sleeping better at night.