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When you partner with TekLinks, you are assigned a Systems Engineer to work with you along with your Account Manager. The uniqueness of our approach is this: the Lead Systems Engineer (SE) will be the sole technical resource to consult with a client, starting from presales engagements all the way through architecture designs, implementations, and post-implementation support. Statements of Work, or SOWs, are generated by the Lead SE and are a crucial starting point for all of TekLinks’ project implementations. This approach to SOWs will streamline project communications down to a single engineering resource throughout the entire project life cycle.

The benefits of having a dedicated TekLinks account team are numerous, in that your Account Manager and SE are supported by Engineering Coordinators, an escalation team, and a host of supplemental engineering specialists who can be engaged for client care and support when needed. These multiple lines of support, combined with the specific knowledge of your environment that your account team maintains, allow us to facilitate effective IT planning for your business and develop a long-term relationship of trust with you and your employees.

Your Lead SE and Account Manager will also work with you to establish a pricing structure that makes sense for your business needs. This can involve flat fees and/or blocks of time for project implementations and infrastructure/networking maintenance.