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Address all your IT needs at once. With Managed Cloud, you pay a monthly, per-user fee to get every component of the office you need to stay connected 24/7. Consider it an “office-in-a-box” solution for your business.


Based on your needs, this service comes with or without a telecom component:

  • Hosted Desktop gives your users secure accessibility to all your business-critical apps.
  • Cloud Services will provide you with cloud-based servers that scale as your needs increase and keep your data secure and always available in our state-of-the-industry data centers.
  • TekLinks’ Hardware-as-a-Service offering replaces all of your current hardware with standard and supported equipment by the leading vendors of technology. This includes your desktops or laptops, your routers, switches, firewalls, and wireless access points. We don’t care what you’re using now; with this option, you can pay monthly to upgrade to the most reliable technology for all your office’s networking needs.


CiscoYou can choose to include our best-in-class telecommunication package to make your  more comprehensive:

  • Hosted Voice will provide you with enterprise-level phone and hosted voice technologies at a low total cost of ownership and with seamless scalability.
  • Connectivity is our fully managed, hosted connectivity solution that promises to maintain the highest levels of data access and reliability.