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With Hosted Desktops, TekLinks can make your desktop completely secure and always available, anytime and anywhere. Imagine the possibilities for your business.

Using Citrix’s award-winning XenDesktop™ and Microsoft’s Hosted Desktop solutions, our service delivers the best possible Desktop-as-a-Service experience directly out of the cloud. While all of your data is secured and monitored out of our data center, your users can run applications and access their individualized hosted desktops from anywhere, without being restricted to a specific device. Hosted Desktop’s optimization of the work experience also means that you no longer need to waste money updating hardware every few years to maintain multiple workstations at the office.

Besides including Hosted Exchange email services, Hosted Desktop has many advantages:

  • Enables you to use Microsoft Office and other 3rd party apps on any device, anywhere, and at any time
  • Increases user productivity and efficiency
  • Allows for BYOD flexibility
  • Improves business agility and scalability
  • Automatic updates, upgrades, and licensing renewals decreases your TCO.
  • Eliminates lost sleep and money over lost or stolen devices
  • Maintains the consistency and security of user experience

With our hosted desktop solution, TekLinks can make your workstation completely portable and secure. Imagine the possibilities. Call any of our offices in Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Florida today.