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With an increasing number of users keeping business data on multiple devices, endpoint data protection can become a huge headache for your company’s IT staff.  But with properly managed cloud backups, you can continuously protect the data created and stored on employee endpoints with no additional stress on your infrastructure.

Endpoint Backup is an enterprise-level endpoint backup and restore service with automatic, continuous data protection that preserves users’ files for an indefinite length of time with no disruption to their daily activities. Affordable and secure, Endpoint Backup works seamlessly across any platform – Mac, PC, and Linux – and scales easily as your business grows.

In addition, using Endpoint Backup means unlimited backups for everything: there are no caps on storage, file size, or archives. Your end user data is also secured from end-to-end: it is encrypted during transit and at rest (in storage). When a corruption or system failure occurs, your employees can count on restoring their fully secured data backups with little or no IT help needed.

Benefits of Endpoint Backup:
  • Easy to Use
  • Pay Per User, Not Per Device
  • Automatic and Continuous
  • Platform-Agnostic
  • Highly Flexible Controls
  • Mobile-Friendly File Access
  • Password Protected User Interface
  • Encrypted in Transit and At Rest
  • Uses 448-bit Blowfish Encryption and 128-bit SSL