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Are an abundance of files weighing you down? With TekLinks’ Cloud Storage Extender, you can easily trust your files to Amazon’s scalable, reliable, secure storage as an extension of your current network. Frequently accessed files are kept locally, while lesser accessed files are sent to encrypted storage in Amazon S3. Cloud Storage

Extender is a cost effective alternative to the longer recovery times and expenses of managing off-site tape storage for backups. Cloud Storage Extender can also be paired with our other Amazon Web Services offerings to create a disaster recovery plan for your environment, file sharing for your company, and mirroring your environment for more capacity during your company’s peak times.

So let TekLinks help you lift the burden of all those necessary, but cumbersome files and let technology work for you.


Online Storage featuring Amazon Web Services


  • Presents like a shared drive on the network
  • Good for large amounts of data storage and archiving
  • Can be integrated into a tape backup software solution presenting like a VTL (virtual tape library)


  • Business grade internet connection

Recommended For:

  • Environments with low change rates or relatively infrequently accessed files
  • Organizations that have compliance requirements to store data for long periods of time



  • Law firm has requirements to retain old case files for long periods of time.
  • Medical practices must satisfy requirements to retain images for patients.
  • Financial services groups must meet requirements to retain customer records for long periods of time.
  • Customer has tremendous data growth and wants scalable storage.