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What if you could access your company’s critical data using any device, anywhere, anytime?  Your smartphones, tablets, and laptops would all sync up with each other, regardless of their platform or service plan. And you could stay connected and available to your business community whether you’re on the go or working at home. Now imagine having all that virtual computing power without ever having to buy, upgrade, or maintain a single server. That’s life in the cloud with TekLinks.

We’ve taken the complexity out of technology and made it easy for you to run your business more effectively. No more capital infusions, and no more mystery around the technology you have. You simply select what kind of cloud works best for you and pay per user.

Depending on your resource needs, we can move anything you choose (from your entire server infrastructure to just a handful of mission-critical applications) into either a shared-resource or dedicated cloud environment. You get a regionally hosted, internationally recognized suite of resources that help you manage costs, reduce overhead, and keep your network current, reliable and available.

Advantages for your business include:

  • Scalability: Our Cloud Services grow as your needs grow, managing capacity so you don’t have to.
  • Flexibility: By allowing you to manipulate and change servers in a virtual environment, our Cloud Services enables your project to dictate the resources—not your hardware.
  • Availability: Out Cloud Services are highly redundant, ensuring that your data and services are always available. Here at TekLinks, we understand that uptime is more than an ideal concept – it is a necessity.

Cloud Service Options:

  • Managed Cloud: A cloud environment that can leverage either shared or dedicated resources.
  • Virtual Private Cloud: A cloud environment that leverages dedicated hardware in the TekLinks data center.
  • Private Cloud: A cloud environment that leverages dedicated hardware in the TekLinks data center, and whose VMs are fully managed and monitored by TekLinks’ engineering team.

TekLinks is proud to leverage Cisco, EMC, and VMware technologies to deliver state-of-the-art cloud services to businesses throughout the Southeast.

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