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As your business continues to grow, you know that it can be difficult and costly to manage the sheer volume of emails that can threaten to slow down your system’s performance. Add compliance standards and archival/eDiscovery needs to all that, and you can wind up having a real situation on your hands.

Our cloud-based email archiving services can help you better manage electronic data, optimize user productivity and systems performance, and address all your compliance-driven storage needs. It’s also flexible, cost-effective, and platform independent.

Benefits of Archive Services include:

  • Provides a universal policy-based archive system that leverages your existing email storage environment for quick search, retrieval, and discovery of email messages
  • Ensures compliance with government-mandated storage requirements
  • Reduces the time and cost associated with the legal discovery process
  • Automates the email archiving and retrieval process, thereby enabling companies to reduce cost and complexity, boost productivity, and manage risk